Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. – Val di Mazara

Our olive oil with an unmistakable aroma and flavour is fruit of a careful selection of the best extra virgin olive oils from West – Central Sicily, that is that area of P.D.O. “Val Di Mazara” that includes the entire province of Palermo and the west part of Agrigento province.


Tecnical Information:

Variety of Olives:
-Biancolilla (50%)
-Cerasuola (40%)
-Nocellara del Belice (10%)

Production Region:
West-Central Sicily

Extraction Method:
Cold pressed with continuous cycle system

Green with yellow straw hues.

Delicate and persistent with hints of fresh grass, artichoke and sometimes of green tomato typical of Sicily.

Medium fruity taste, with hints of fresh grass and sometimes of green tomato, with a light and lovely spicy sensation.

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