About Bonolio s.a.s. & Bono U.S.A. Inc.

Bonolio was established in 1934 by Vincenzo Bono, a dedicated gentleman who recognized the importance of extra virgin olive oil.

The company today is lead by Vincenzo’s four sons, Michele, Damiano, Giuseppe and Salvatore.

Bonolio olive oil factory now includes the biggest oil-mill in Sicily, with an olive oil production capacity of 5 tons per hour distributed on four production lines, four bottle/can machine lines of a capacity of 24,000 bottles per hour and an olive oil stock capacity of over 5,000 tons.

We are among the largest olive oil companies in all of Italy.

Bono USA Inc is the USA office of Bonolio SAS

Our full line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil includes

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Our products are packed both retail and foodservice: 250, 500, 750, and 1000 mL for retail. Foodservice we can provide gallons and 3 liter tins.

We can provide various bottles and can private label for your company.


Due to our standing in the industry, Bono also commercializes Sicilian table olives.

We have Sicilian Nocellara Del Belice olives, both whole and pitted. The Nocellara del Belice Olives, known in the United States as Castelvetrano olives, are cultivated exclusively in their native environment in and around the town of Castelvetrano in the West of Sicily. These all- natural green olives have an incredible buttery-sweet flavor and a crisp, firm texture. They are marvelous whether as an appetizer or an ingredient of your meal.

Sicily is the enchanting land known for olives and Citrus Fruits.


Bono is proud to bring you our Sicilian Citrus Fruit Marmalade.
This product is made from the island’s world famous citrus fruits.

No where else in the world can you find an abundance of multiple varietals of blood oranges as you can in Sicily.

The Sicilian lemon and orange are two world renowned fruits.

The climate in Sicily provides for the perfect growth and cultivation of citrus fruits.